Glass bead workshop

I hope you plan to visit my glass studio. I would like to share some information with you to make the workshop enjoyable and safe for everyone. My name is Judit Szőke and I have been making glass jewelry since 2010. I learned the professional techniques in foreign studios, I opened my teaching workshop in October 2022.

The location of the glass bead maker workshop, Sopron, Várkerület 98. (in the first courtyard of the Lenk passage from the Várkerület) Parking directly in front of the workshop, parking zone I is located in the Castle District, on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. parking is paid, HUF 480/hour (maximum parking time is 3 hours)

During the workshop, we will melt glass rods from Murano and melt them into steel rods. The glass rods are 4-6 mm thick and 25 cm long. After the glass bead on the steel rod has cooled, the rod is pulled out of the glass, thus forming a hole in the bead. The aim of the course is for everyone to make their first string of pearls, which can be worn on a necklace or earrings. The price of the course includes 1 stainless steel necklace and 1 pair of earrings on which the completed beads can be strung, but it is also possible to purchase other accessories on the spot.

glass rods from Murano

Gas torch
To melt the glass rods we need a flame of 1000 degrees Celsius, which we can achieve by burning propane butane gas enriched with oxygen with the help of a special gas burner.

gas torch

The finished glass jewelry is placed hot in a programmable heated kiln at 500 degrees Celsius. At the end of the workshop, the kiln is set to a slow cooling process, during which it cools very slowly (in 5-6 hours) to room temperature. This also means that the completed jewelry can only be taken away from the next day. If you cannot come to pick up the jewelry the next day, you can request that the completed jewelry be mailed, against payment of postage.


In each case, the course begins with instruction in fire protection and course rules. The most important rules:

  • The gas burner can only be lit by the course leader!
  • Shutting off the flame of the gas burner is mandatory when leaving the workstation!
  • The teacher gives the students a glass rod and a tool. Objects with a hot end (glass, tools) must always be placed on the table so that the hot end falls away from us!
  • It is FORBIDDEN to turn towards others with a hot tool or glass! If you want to place the finished hot glass in the oven, announce it loudly to those around you and make sure that the way to the oven is clear!
  • If you notice a burn, immediately put the burned surface under cold running water and keep it there for at least 10 minutes. In the event of a major burn injury, treatment at the hospital emergency room is mandatory!

Since we work at very high temperatures on the course, everyone will wear a leather apron. (Everyone gets it on site) During the course, our clothing should definitely not contain synthetic fibers (cotton tops, jeans, etc.)

When working with the flame, it is necessary to wear special filter glasses that filter the bright light of the flame. If you wear prescription glasses for public services, please let us know before the course. Be sure to bring your glasses. Filter glasses or a filter lens that can be clipped onto glasses are given to all students on the spot.

The person who caused the damage is responsible for the damage that occurs due to non-compliance with the fire protection and course rules.