Workshop organizer
Name: Judit Szőke, sole proprietor

Headquarters: 9400 Sopron, Schönherr-malom utca 10A
Workshop address: 9400 Sopron, Várkerulet 98, fsz 5., Lenck passage
E-mail address: info@juditglass.com, info@judit-art.hu Website: www.judit-art.hu, www.juditglass.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judit.szoeke
Registering authority: Central Office of Public Administration and Electronic Public Services Registration number: 31835881
Tax number: 66117557-1-28
Account holding financial institution:
HUF – CIB Bank, Hungary: 10700426-62782249-51100005
Euro – Easy Bank, Austria: AT941420020011535233

You can register for the workshops of Judit Szőke’s workshop on the www.judit-art.hu website, by email or on Facebook.

By using the website, or by registering on the website and applying via the internet interface, the applicant declares that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions for applying to the workshops of Judit Szőke, canceling, and the services of Judit Szőke’s workshop, as well as the data management policy, and agrees with all their points. Independent participation in Judit Szőke’s workshop for adults is a condition of 14 years of age. Under the age of 18, parental consent is required to participate in the course.

We start the courses with at least 2 applicants. Maximum number of people: 3-6 people. Participants are registered based on the date of sending the application. Duration of the courses Depending on the topic, the duration of our workshops is approx. 3 to 5 hours. The expected duration is indicated in the description of each workshop. It is advisable to arrive at the workshops 5 minutes before the start. If the applicant is late, we cannot extend the duration of the workshop. After a short introduction at the workshop, we will draw attention to the potential sources of accidents. The most basic of these are:

Only the course leader can light the gas burner!
Shutting off the flame of the gas burner when leaving the workstation is mandatory!
The teacher gives the students a glass rod and a tool!
Objects with a hot end (glass, tools) must always be placed on the table in such a way that the hot end falls away from us!
It is FORBIDDEN to turn towards others with a hot tool or glass!
If you want to place the finished hot glass in the oven, announce it loudly to those around you and make sure that the way to the oven is clear!
If you notice a burn, immediately put the burned surface under cold running water and keep the burned surface there for at least 10 minutes, the course manager must report the accident immediately!
In the event of a major burn injury, treatment at the hospital emergency room is mandatory!
We emphatically draw the applicants’ attention to the fact that Judit Szőke’s workshop does not assume responsibility for accidents caused by the participant’s own fault or the fault of other participants in the program. After an introduction related to the theme of the workshop, the students of the workshop make the glass jewelry themselves, under the guidance of the instructor. It is the responsibility of the participants to keep the work surfaces tidy during the workshop.

Application, contact
You can register for the workshops online, on the website www.juditglass.com, in person, on Facebook or by phone. Applicants are contacted via the e-mail address or messenger provided by them. Applicants are responsible for the correctness of the e-mail address they provide, as well as for the proper functioning of their own e-mail service and e-mail mailbox. According to the above, Judit Szőke’s workshop does not assume responsibility for errors or deficiencies arising in connection with the e-mail service and/or mailbox used by the applicant.

Participation fees
The price of the workshops is indicated in the description of each program. The price includes glass bead/jewellery making combined with theoretical instruction led by a specialist, the raw materials, tools and protective equipment required for making.

Payment method
The workshop fee can only be paid in advance by bank transfer to the following account.
Registration becomes valid only upon receipt of the participation fee. If
if the transfer is not received within 48 hours after application, we can cancel the registration.

House rule
Participants may use the workshop only in accordance with the provisions of these regulations, and must comply with these regulations and the instructions of the instructor leading the course. The participants may use the workshop, as well as its furnishings and equipment, only for the purposes and intended purpose specified in the contract. The participants are fully responsible for compensation for damages caused to the workshop, its furnishings and equipment or to third parties staying in the workshop area. If the participant shows behavior contrary to the provisions of these regulations or in conflict with legal regulations, or if he does not follow the instructions of the instructor leading the workshop, and also if he obstructs or disturbs the course of the workshop or the participation of those present in any way, the decision of the instructor may be excluded from participation in the workshop with immediate effect. In this case, the participant is not entitled to claim back the participation fee he paid, the workshop organizer is entitled to retain his participation fee as a penalty.

Missing a course
We draw the participants’ attention to the fact that we expressly reserve the right to change the time due to the operational characteristics of the workshop. Applicants will be notified by e-mail at least 24 hours before the workshop if the workshop is canceled or changed, and we will contact them to arrange a new date. Course cancellation, applicants’ right to withdraw Participants have the opportunity to withdraw from participation up to 7 days before the workshop date. The intention to withdraw must be indicated in an e-mail message sent to the address info@juditglass.com. In this case, the entire participation fee will be refunded. In the event of subsequent cancellation, the previously transferred participation fee will be charged as a penalty.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the opportunity to participate in the workshops is not limited to names, so it can be transferred to anyone until the time of the workshop. Therefore, if the applicant cannot attend the workshop for which he applied, he can send someone else in his place. Information about the fact of the transfer of the opportunity to participate must be sent to the above e-mail address before the date of the workshop.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid until withdrawn: from 01.10.2022.