Tools and equipment are needed to melt glass and set up a workshop. This is a small summary of the ones I use.


I work with 2 types of gas torches in my studio: The GTT Bobcat is a very good little gas torch which makes a great starter gas torch together with a 5 liter oxygen generator. It has a sharp, stinging flame, it’s great for carving out small ones

Today I mostly work with a Nortel Mid Range Plus lampworking torch. This is a double torch, with a larger one at the bottom and a smaller one at the top, to which I have connected a 10 liter oxygen generator.


In order to melt the glass, propane-butane gas must be burned with high concetrated oxygen. Oxygen can be dosed from a bottle or generated from room air with an oxygen generator.. I use only generator. With the oxygen generator, it is imperative to ventilate the room where the machine is located, as this deprives the room of oxygen.


This is usually a small kiln that needs to be operated at a temperature of at least 520 degrees Celsius. It is worth choosing one with a so-called pearl door. This is a trapdoor through which the bead mandrel can be inserted into the kiln. There are also American, French and Swedish products on the market. I’ve had an American Paragon SC2 oven for a long time. I got lucky with it because I didn’t have any problems, I never had to change a relay in it.

Now I use UTERM bead kilns, they are small and easy to move, they even have a handle, they are specially designed for bead cooling, they can be used at a maximum of 550 degrees